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Revolutionizing the way people access transit information.

CityMates are the ultimate companions for commuters, tourists, and city dwellers on the go. Available for both the iPhone and Android, they have everything you need to get in, out, or around a city. The first CityMate, NYCMate, jumped to the front page of the Apple App Store in the New and Noteworthy category within the first two weeks of launch.

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Train Timetables and Line Routes
Customizable Toolbars
Routing and Directions
Service Alerts
GPS and Radar Compass

Train Timetables

Train Timetables show upcoming train arrival times so that you'll never miss a train.

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Customizable Toolbars

A completely custom tab bar gives users the ability to access their most used maps quickly and easily and creates a custom experience for their travels no other NYC transit app provides. Dragging and dropping into their tab bar, the chosen maps are available with one touch with the rest of the maps hidden for easy access when needed.

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Routing and Directions

The ability to save and store locations in the app allows users to get home from anywhere with the touch of a button using the Current Location feature. They can also easily search directions to anywhere the MTA services on the Subway, or commuter trains. Once they've found their route, they can quickly view train schedules to figure out what time they need to be at the train.

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Service Alerts

Updated in real time so users know what lines to avoid or when their train is actually on time.

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GPS and Radar Compass

You can access GPS not only on the Street View maps, but in the official maps as well. Enabling GPS in the official map allows you to find the closest transit station to you in real time, so that you're never confused about where to go.

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