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Natural Energy Drink

250ml (Pack of 6)


MATE MATE Natural Energy Drink, 250ml, (Pack of 6)

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Refreshing Sparkling Taste with Lower Sugar Content
  • Wellmune, Clinically proven boost immune system & improve mental clarity
  • High Functionality & Zero Crash
  • 75mg of Natural Caffeine per can
Flavor Original
Package Information Pack of 6 Cans
Volume 250ml per can
Package Weight NA

MATE MATE™ delivers natural energy for higher brain function in a flavourful and refreshing drink. The first energy drink enriched with Wellmune, clinically-proven good for mental focus and boosts immune health, you get the next generation energy drink that’s legit good for you.

Enjoy more energy and more fun without crashing!

• It’s a zero-crash drink with high functionality and health benefits
• Contains all-natural Green Mate Tea Leaves (Yerba Mate)
• Natural source of caffeine (75mg/can for an enjoyable long boost)
• No colorants nor preservatives
• Packed with flavour with less sugar &calories
• Made from safe & natural ingredients only