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All-Natural Energy Drink

Mate Mate – made only from Natural and high quality Ingredients such as: Natural Caffeine, Natural Colours, Natural Flavours, Natural Juice and Green Mate Tea Leaves. Without artificial sweeteners, preservatives or any other harmful ingredients.

We are also the first Energy Drink in the world to add WELLMUNE. Formulated to boost energy and focus at a prolonged high-level! Mate Mate Natural Energy Drink feeds your energy whenever you need to take your performance to the next level or, amplify the fun in any form of hybrid lifestyle activity!

Because everybody knows that the more energy you have, the more fun you’re going to get!


Wellmune is a natural ingredient used in food, beverage and supplement products, Wellmune® is clinically demonstrated to help Improve general immune health.

Maintains overall physical health.

Protects against the harmful effects of stress.

Promotes healthy energy levels and mental clarity.

Energy, Focus and Fun

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Zero crash
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Four exciting and refreshing flavours designed for all the lives you lead.
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