MATE MATE Berry Vitamins Natural Energy Drink, 250ml, (Pack of 6)

  • Made With Mate Tea (Yerba Mate)
  • Sweetened With Agave Syrup
  • Natural Source of Caffeine
  • Low Sugar Content
  • Refreshing & Energising
  • Perfect For Day & Night
  • Improves Mental Focus
  • 75mg of caffeine per can

Boost energy and brain function with MATE MATE™

BERRY VITAMINS! Enriched with B-Vitamin complex to deliver optimum brain function and focus.

The first energy drink with Wellmune, clinically proven good for mental focus and boosts immune health, you get the next generation energy drink that’s legit good for you. Naturally flavoured with Strawberry & Raspberry for a berry delicious and satisfying energy & brain boost!